Monday, November 12, 2012

How am I supposed to live?

I did not choose to be born.
I did not choose when or where.
God created me, and somehow here I am, aware.
I am here on this planet. How did I get here?
I just did. I was alive. Then I chose my own way. And I died.
Yet God had a plan. Before the world was.
He sent his Son. He paid the price, and he died in my place.
Now I am alive in him. How can this be?
All I have comes from him.
So why should I fret and why should I worry?
He is the creator. He is the author. He is the finisher.
What if the greatest thing I could do was to amount to nothing!
The world seeks great things.
David said: "I don't concern myself with things too great for me."
What if this is the challenge God has for me?
Don't seek great things for yourself.
Make disciples he says. Does that mean I'll be famous?
One day at a time. Be who your are.
The gifts that you have, are for his joy and pleasure.
No one on earth appreciates you like he does.
Do as he asks. Humble yourself.
Turn from your sin. Be a servant to all.
But not for your glory. It must be for him.
He is in charge and he opens your doors.
Go through when he opens them. Don't choose the others.
His sheep hear his voice. They won't follow another.
I follow my leader the best that I can.
I often fall short, but he picks me up again.
I am not worthy, that's why I need him.
His grace is sufficient, I'm dependent again.
My creator, my leader, he works in me.
He will lift me up for the world to see.
He lifted up Jesus, on a cross hung him there.
He bids me to follow, what more can I do?
Dying to self is my place of joy.
For the joy set before him, he offered himself.
I am his treasure and he is my reward.
His presence is better than silver and gold.
So here I am Jesus. I find myself in you.
You set my feet on a rock, and that rock is you.
I have found my creator, he gives me such joy.
I will worship him forever, what more can I do?
I will live for his presence, and live for his will.
If I amount to nothing, he will love me still.
I can't improve on his plan, so on this rock I will stand.
Gazing at Jesus, the God who became man.
Unless the Lord builds the house, I labor in vain.
My children are a gift I will not have shame.
I will rest in his love and I will rest in his care.
He gave me this life to lay down for him.
The greatest love is to lay down your life for a friend.
I give it to Jesus. That's how I will live.

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