Monday, November 12, 2012

Protecting Women

I am late to the battle. I know that. I have lacked understanding.
Let me get right to my point.
Our women need men. It is not a matter of equality.
Women, real women, the way God created them to be, want to be protected.
The proper order of things is that a woman will defer to a man to be protected by him. As a man my job is to protect the women in my life, to encourage and love them and protect them from outside enemies and from their own inner musings.

This election season has burdened my heart. "The war on women" is a phrase heard over and over. Those who seek to harm women have accused those who stand to protect women of being at war against women. Nothing could be farther than the truth.

We are a people created by God with a free will. We are a nation of freedom.
It is in the name of this freedom that certain ones proclaim there should be no limits to our freedoms. They say women must be given free contraceptives, women need to be able to access abortion services on demand.

My understanding is that generally women want relationship more than sex.
The heart of a woman is to raise and nurture family.

So why would those who proclaim to be for women's freedom fight so hard to give them access to birth control and abortion unless the goal was that women are objects to be used for sexual satisfaction without cost? These are not people seeking to protect women, these are people seeking to use women. Worse, they have recruited, abused and lied to some of these women and gotten them to advocate for the same things. It has been a cultural shift that can only be understood as a spiritual attack on the mind and understanding of women.

Have women been used and abused by men in our culture historically?
The answer is certainly yes. Do women get paid less than men for the same work. Honestly we must say yes. As a business owner I hired women because I though I could pay them less. Historically me have been the providers and women came in behind to fill in the shortfall.

The enemy has succeeded in turning the world upside down. I can't even get to the heart of my thinking without generalizing or writing page and page that will completely offend.

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