Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayer for a friend

You are favored by God. As the enemy requested to sift Peter like wheat because he was a chosen vessel, so he has requested of you. Because you also are God's chosen vessel! Even as Jesus declared to Peter: "Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren." So is this promise for you. You are one who strengthen's others with your gifting. The enemy cannot have you. This is God's declaration to you!

When your heart is overwhelmed make the following declaration:

The voice of the Lord is majestic. His Word is Truth. My feelings are only passing emotions that exist only in my soul which God has saved, and he is in the process of healing. His Word is my truth, my life, my hope, and my strong tower, my fortress of strength when my heart is overwhelmed.

I declare what his Word declares about who I am.
I am victorious even when I don't feel it.
God will vindicate me.
God is my healer. He is healing me. He heals my soul.
Holy Spirit is my comforter. He comforts my pain.
He knows everything about me and he has gone through it all with me.
His presence went before me and follows after me.
His presence is my strength.
He himself, Jesus, the creator of the world, the One who created me, is cradling me right now.
He is my great reward.
I can trust him when nothing else makes sense.
Jesus is my treasured possession that no one can ever take from me.
He is my shield. He surrounds me with favor like a shield.
When my heart is overwhelmed, he stills my heart and teaches me to trust and to rest in him. Even when I don't feel it, I declare that he is my rest, and my shield, and I will trust in him.

Oh God, I love you! My heart is overwhelmed. I declare Jesus is all I need. You are my healer. You are more than enough for me. I believe. I believe. You are my healer. You are my strength. I have no more strength. Be my strength. These thoughts, though overwhelming will not overwhelm me. The enemy has come rushing in like a flood, God will raise a standard against him. (Is. 59:19).
This battle is not mine but the Lord's. He is the one who declares me innocent.
His blood shed for me makes me innocent. I believe. I believe. His Word is Truth. His Word, not my own thoughts, are my truth. God fights for me. I run to him. Hold me daddy, hold me daddy. I am yours. I am yours! I trust you alone.

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