Sunday, August 26, 2012

The narrow path

August 26, 2012

Holy Spirit is drawing me. Deep calls to deep. I feel my humanity, the old nature, my soul, and it stinks. Yet the drawing of the Spirit of God is unmistakable. Lord I come to you, and you accept me as I am. You know that I am but flesh, yet you choose to take up residence within, and redeem this soul.
I wait in your presence. Holy Spirit come.
You fulfill your promises to us. You take us on a path that at times is difficult for us, but we must travel this path to reach our destination.
The Lord showed me a picture of a mountain top shrouded in clouds and mist.
I was on a path that went all the way around the top of the mountain, but it never ascended to the summit. I kept on the same path, going round the mountain just below the fog line for a long time, always ending back at the same place. Then he showed me a narrow way, a path up to the summit, a path shrouded in clouds and mists. This is the way to the summit! It is narrow, steep, and the view is foggy. I can't see far ahead, and I can't see the distant view. All I can do is ascend the steep, narrow path one step at a time. Each twist and turn comes up slowly and it is all I see. But I know the destination of this walk by faith will be to stand on the summit of his will for me, and I believe that he will part the clouds as I reach the summit and provide me a view, his view of the world below.
A song we sing goes like this: There is a place, a wonderful place. Where accused and condemned find mercy and grace. And the wrongs we have done and the wrongs done to us, are nailed there with him, at the cross, at the cross.

The path upward is the path of the cross. It is the path of death to self, the laying down of our lives to obtain kingdom life. It is the walk by faith. Walking in the place of obedience. The first path, the path that went around the mountain, it was in the will of God. Yet it became a plateau, a path that only went round and round until the new path was identified and traversed. Behold, the old things have passed away and new things have come! The things and places of the past, even done in the will of God,  must be left behind when the Spirit of the Lord is leading to new destinations.

It is God who leads us to new destinations. Our part is to listen and to get onto the correct path. Where are you on your path with God? Does he have you on a long road of continuous faithfulness? Is a turn coming ahead? Have you missed a turn? Is there a narrow road you need to take that you have been avoiding? There are many paths to our destination. Some are easier than others, some are faster, some have more stops along the way. But it is God who is at work in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.
Do you trust that the path he has for you is the best path? Trust him with all your heart.
The cross is a wonderful, painful place. The birth process is a wonderful, yet painful place. New life comes from a wonderful, yet painful process. We must embrace the pain that leads to new life. Jacob wrestled with an angel. Abraham sacrificed a son. Personal loss often leads to new freedom. For some letting go is a painful process necessary to move forward. For others fighting for something of value is the painful, wonderful process whose reward is new life.
Most often for me the place of pain is the point of decision. Once the decision is made, the pain subsides and the new path is traversed. So why do I stay at the point of decision for so long wallowing in my pain? Is this true for you? Make the decision. Lay down your life. Trust God for the outcome. Trust that he is who he says he is! He is able to redeem your mistakes if you make a wrong choice. He just wants your heart. When you submit your life to him you become a sweet smelling aroma to him. Though you feel your fleshly soul stinks to high heaven, your obedient spirit man is a pleasing aroma to him, because it is Christ in you, your hope of glory that he sees, and it is well pleasing to him.
Go for it with all your heart!

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  1. You've captured it, Chris. Thank you for sharing