Sunday, March 25, 2012

Processing Need

PROCESSING NEED I have a pressing financial need that I want to bring to God. He is my supply! He promises to supply all that I need through his riches and glory! The word tells me that his yoke for me is easy and that his burden is light! So why do I feel like I am carrying a heavy burden? I am going to bring this need to the Father. I am going to ask him for a miracle. I am going to ask him to bring water from the rock for me as he did for the children of Israel in the desert. Lord you are my supply. You are my everything. You know that my current need exceeds my perceived resources. But I also know that I have everything I need in you! You promised Abraham and his descendants (which I am by faith) the whole earth. So I have, by your promise, access to everything on earth. This promise is based on faith, it is based upon relationship with God. You God, bring into existence that which did not exist before. So, God of supply, even as you brought water and provision into existence in the desert for the children of Israel, I ask you to do it for me. I believe that you are not only able, but that you have promised to do it for me!  I have been made right with you God, by Jesus. He has brought me into this place of highest privilege. I am standing before you confidently and I am full of joy! It is awesome to be standing before you, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. My problems seem to melt in comparison to this glory of yours that I perceive. Yet when I go face the world my need will still need to be met. I have this need, this problem, this trial, and it is good for me because it teaches me to endure. The reason for it is not only to teach me to endure, but it is also to develop strength of character in me.   It is this character that is strengthening my confident expectation of provision. This expectation will not allow me to be disappointed. I know this because you have already given me Holy Spirt who fills my heart with love. Now as I perceive my trial and my need, I can see that yes you could provide for me as you did in the wilderness when your brought forth water from a rock. However, I do not want to limit your hand in how I am to  receive your provision. You are a creative God and you want me trust that your ways are not my ways. I can see areas of pride where I do not want to humble myself. Perhaps you want me to humble myself. You have told me to do everything I can, and then after having done so to stand. As I am bringing my need to you, I am realizing that I have not done everything that is available to me. My full need does not have to be met tomorrow, only a portion. Only a part of the need must be met and there is a way that I can ask people for help that will require humility on my part and I sense you want me to humble myself not just before you, but before others. So here I find myself in this place of asking for and wanting a miracle, yet Holy Spirit is nudging me that if I humble myself (wow my pride is strong), he will make a way. This need is designed to draw me into his presence, to get me to spend time with him, and to help me to become like him. He is the most humble person I know, this God whom I serve, and this trial are designed to make me more like him. Darn, and I wanted an instant miracle! So here is the deal. God has shown me that I have something else to do before I am completely out of resources. In the mean time he has other work for me to do that will help to move me along the path of provision. I really would like to see this entire need met tomorrow by a miraculous move of God on my behalf, but he is more concerned with my character and my learning to endure than he is with me having instant gratification. Oh the ways of God! So now I  have concluded that tomorrow I need to humble myself and do a couple things I really don't want to do. Yet this is necessary obedience on my way to my miracle. I still have a great need.  Now however, my confident expectation is that God is able to meet it, wether it is by a divine intervention, or through faithful, daily, simple, obedience on my part. God wants me to be like him. He is everyday faithful, his ways are simple, he is not a show off (he is meek). Yes he can make water come from a rock, but usually he just allows the stream to flow. My confident expectation is that my need is going to be met. It will be met in his timing and not in mine. He knows better than me. His ways are not my ways. Do I still believe for the big miracle? You bet! But by spending time with him today and asking him for the miracle, he has shown me that his peace is sufficient for me. I have never missed a meal, I have never had to beg. He gives peace that passes understanding. I have off-loaded my perceived heavy burden, and replaced it with his yoke, which is much lighter and much easier to bear. I'm not 100% happy about this, I wanted an instant miracle! I wanted all my problems to go away! However, the fruit of this, is this short little teaching that perhaps will help you to process your need before God! Do you have a need for a miracle today? Take some time to spend with your heavenly papa. Grab a Bible and a note pad and let God speak to you. I just happened to be reading Romans 5 as I processed my need and you see how God spoke to me. The peace that passes understanding is a blessing that will never fade away!

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