Monday, January 25, 2010

The Naked Truth

My Chat session with Ryan Powers...this guy knows the TRUTH
(His Name is Jesus)

Yes...the Naked Truth Looks very Good

I meant to say, The Naked Truth looks very good!

when the revelation of the free gift of God hits your spirit...that your flesh is dead, the old things have passed away...our natural mind almost can't comprehend the grace

We have to let go of our mind too don't we?

It has actually led to a real spiritual battle...but God is ultimately the victor because He has already won the victory.



OH what joy!

I am really trying to change my view of God...He is doing it actually, like you said earlier He is working out the details

My view of Him IS changing. He is free, He is fun, he is joy, He is peace, He is a blast to be with...I always saw Him as so sober, somber, uptight.

It is a painful place when we realize that the best of all of our efforts and thoughts all need to be thrown away, as the truth sinks in that we have been far away from Him,

My mind is having a hard time embracing a fun God!

I am feeling joy arise as I type

Some things are better to cut off and throw away. I have lost many parts of me that would not bend to God's victory in my life. I have lost many hopes and dreams, but by letting go of them have been able to go through the eye of the needle.


That is you going thru

lol....that's rich

Did you ever read
Where the Red Fern Grows"?

I don't think so.

The point was great, but the book is long, more of a kids story.

They would trap racoons by drilling a hole in a log, driving 3 nails in from 3 angles, then put a piece of shiny metal in the bottom of the hole...the racoons would be watching, and once the trappers left would come and try to grab the shiny metal out of the hole.

go on

Their hands could get in past the angled nails, but once they made a fist, they could not pull their hand, (ha ha, their paw) out due to the fact that they would not let go.

Trappers would walk up to them and shoot them.

For me, one of my biggest shiny metals that I had a grip on was this "I will be like Jesus"

But in the end, I only met with ongoing proof that my heart was not willing to be like Jesus

But my pride would not let go of trying

owww. Dude you are just nailing it!

the more we try the more we fail

until I collapsed and said to God, "I can't do it"

He replied "Good, I've been waiting a long time for you to say this.

The end of self...Is the beginning of God!

Since then, He must have "gotten in my face several times, making sure that I understand that His plan is to put an end to what I was, that my new life is Christ in me.

Yesssssss. The end of self is God's victory over that which was departed....then will come to pass the saying, death has been swallowed up in victory, o death, where is your sting?

What if it is not you who is struggling?

Text ColorWhat if it is darkness in you who is struggling?

keep it coming...

God spoke into the darkness, creating the light. Then, He seperated the darkness from the light.

If we were dead, we were darkness.

Like Mary, we had a special seed placed in us.

A seed that has His DNA

Once the light is born, He seperates it from the darkness.

The darkness does not understand the light, but the light understands the darkness.

And has authority over it.

Submit to whatever the light tells you, go limp, like a drowning man being saved by another swimmer.

Allow Him to place His thoughts in you, they are better than ours.

He would have died on that cross a hundred times to be with you.

He has crossed a great divide, waiting for this time to become one with you, to become your light.

Every tear you have ever shed has rolled down His cheek, for He has been in you all this time.

He has suffered every thing, and not left. He will never let you fall.

OK you got me to speechless

Such a warmth flooding my heart for you. I gotta go to sleep now. I hope I haven't flooded you with too much weirdness. This is a time of letting go of what the world is holding on to. Salvation is not achieving the heights of the world, but is freedom from the world.

A leaving of the world and entering into an entirely different set of motivations and realities.

No more rules to follow, we learn to love Him as we see Him as being our life for us....we follow Him, not rules.

I should go, so He can take it from here. Good Night brother.

Amen my friend.

Can I post our conversation on my blog if I can copy it?

Yes, with blessings.

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