Friday, March 12, 2010

I certainly know my heart, and that it is deceitfully wicked beyond all else. And yet the Holy Spirit has seemed to find it appropriate enough to tell me on at least three separate occasions, from different servants, that I in fact do have a good heart, a heart after Him. Of course we both know that in me, in my flesh, dwells no good thing, and that the heart that the Holy Spirit is referring to is the heart of Jesus, since He dwells within. Christ is our hope of glory and our only righteousness. The only reflection of good that we may see on the external that is not phony, is the glory that comes from the Son of God alone. All power, praise and glory go to Him for the kind things the Holy Spirit speaks over our lives. We are simply His vessels to bring His blessing to others.


  1. Don Wright says AMEN!

  2. Well, said Chris... this is the foundation to view it all... You have the mind of Christ!!
    Eric Stovesand